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Brent Faiyaz is the definition of smooth.

The 23 year old R&B singer, songwriter, and part-time producer hails from Baltimore, Maryland. A blend of Daniel Caesar and the Weeknd, Faiyaz started off by releasing tracks online before releasing his first E.P. in 2016, titled A.M. Paradox.

Listeners receive a quick snapshot of the artist through five wonderfully crafted tracks, including the catchy and popular track “Insecure”. It wasn’t long until Faiyaz’s name reached the national spotlight after he was featured on on Goldlink’s bilboard top track, “Crew”.




Brent Faiyaz released his debut album Sonder Son, on October 13, 2017. Faiyaz immediately gets more personal with his listeners as we peer into his life as a child. The entire opening song, “Home”, is about his mother and how he felt letting her down as a kid. We hear as his mom calls him out and refers to him as his middle name, Chris.

Brent Faiyaz circa 2016

The song is a beautiful adult response to a childhood event that left him speechless. The rest of Sonder Son does not disappoint, as tracks blend into one another, ultimately sounding like one giant hour long love ballad. Brent takes listeners on a journey through his life and how he handled school, friends, and most importantly, girls as a teenager and young adult.

One of the best tracks on the album, “Gang Over Luv” is Brent’s adaption of the infamous “bros over hoes” ideology and how influential his friends are in his life. Produced by himself, “Gang Over Luv” is a must listen for those who want a glimpse into this young man’s talent. The two-part tracks, “First World Problems/Nobody Carez” and “So Far Gone/Fast Life Bluez”, highlight the artist’s songwriting and singing abilities over simple, yet elegantly crafted guitar chords while offering an appreciative yet contradictory view of life around us.

Brent Faiyaz has the ability to slow down time around us through a calming sound and intimate experience, such as he does on the beautiful track “Make Luv”. Love, heartbreak, and emotional turmoil are common themes for the young artist, and he takes another personal approach to his music on his sophomore solo EP, Lost, which debuted in October.

Aside from his solo work, Brent Faiyaz is also a member of the trio, Sonder, along with producers Atu and Dpat. The three collaborate often, as Sonder has production credits on numerous tracks on A.M. Paradox and Sonder Son. The three even released a 7-track album, titled Into, in 2017. While Into did not receive as much notoriety as A.M. Paradox or Sonder Son, it stands alone as a wonderful glimpse into Faiyaz’s songwriting and singing ability and Atu and Dpat’s craft as talented producers.

The world needs to hear more from these three, especially the young Brent Faiyaz.


The Collective Co.

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